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4G is the latest among a line of technological breakthroughs in communications technology that started with analog as the first, digital as the second, and multi-media as the third generation. 4G promises fast mobile Internet access speeds. There are currently two competing technologies that are being implemented as 4G: WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and LTE (Long Term Evolution). Verizon, the wireless Internet service provider (WISP) using LTE, is set to make 4G LTE available in selected cities in the country before the year ends. WiMax has had a head start and has already made the service available to 41 million people in the U.S. and plans to make the service available to 79 million more by the end of 2010. The main WISP using WiMax technology is Clearwire Corporation, which is majority-owned by Sprint Nextel.

Clearwire is also offering its services in selected areas under the Clear brand. It has also partnered with almost two thousand local telecommunications and cable companies to provide the 4G Wireless Broadband services in their areas. An authorized seller can also offer the services to individuals and homes who need mobile Internet access at fast speeds. Millions of subscribers are expected to switch to 4G WiMax due to faster connection speeds at rates that are comparable to 3G services such as DSL, 4G LTE USB Adapter United States WiFi, or Cable broadband. WiMax is also easy to avail, an option to get the indoor subscriber CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) does not even require a technician or any type of installation to be made, all the customer has to do is plug the CPE and power it on.

Laptop and netbook manufacturers have already begun shipping WiMax ready units. These units can connect in a WiMax covered areas without any additional gadget or software to install. For mobile devices, Sprint has started offering the first WiMax ready phone in the HTC Evolution. However, if your laptop or desktop is not WiMax ready yet, an easy to install USB device can be purchased as an add-on and the unit will be ready to send and receive WiMax signals. For laptops, another option is a PCMCIA card that can be installed on an available slot on the side of the laptop to make the gadget WiMax ready.


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