Networking – For Window Cleaning Business Owners

As a window cleaner you might have a hard time opening up, maybe talking to others in the window cleaning industry, or others in another industry. Well I have some BIG news for you, things need to change. This article was written to show you how important networking can be if you harness the power it holds. Have you ever heard the saying “it’s not what you know, huisentuinpassie its who you know”? Of course you have. This saying is very true especially in the times we live in. I know many who have degrees in a field or spent many years studying at popular schools and end up jobless or working a “normal” job that any high school applicant could have landed. Then on the flip side you have ones who are just out of high school and have high end tossncook paying jobs or careers because they “knew someone” – THAT right their is an example of how important networking is for you personally as a window cleaner.

Six degrees of separation (also known as the “Human Web”) points to the fact that on average everyone on the entire planet is friends or acquaintances 6 steps away from any other person. So basically you know someone who knows someone 6 times over who knows Obama or even Lady GaGa. How can you use this to your advantage? If you take time to know a guy who does pressure washing in the next city over, you think he can refer you to a well paying client? If you talk to the guy at the donut shop who’s dad owns 3 story commercial building with dirty windows wouldn’t you agree that you already have an advantage or “your foot in the door” over any other window cleaner to take care of that building? sales daihatsu medan If you make friends with another window cleaner in the same area and give him a job you just didn’t want to do or couldn’t take care of don’t you think he would return the favor sometime in the future? These are all examples of how you as a window cleaner can network with other window cleaners and other people in general.

The other day a window cleaner from San Diego zmiiv was looking for help on a large commercial job out here where I live. I offered to help him. It turns out he has TONS of experience in commercial low rise and high rise buildings, I had the privilege of learning from him throughout the day. My interest in focusing on commercial buildings for my business grew. This window cleaner knew the owner of a popular water fed pole company who could sell me a brand new 60′ Full Carbon fiber water fed pole for $700, hoodpay originally $2,800. I know doubt gave the guy a call. Towards the end of the work day this window cleaner from San Diego decided to sub contract the job out to me, I would be making $1,000 on my own in one work day every three months. Turns out the guy who manufactures the water fed poles needed help with his website, I was happy to help him and he ended up giving me the pole for FREE. usdailyglobe


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