How Putting Carpet on Stairs Can Be Made Easier By a Carpet Installation Company

Putting carpet on stairs can be difficult if you have never done it before. Stairs are narrow enough that it is hard to cut the carpet to fit, fastener company and they make a tight place to use the equipment needed to stretch the carpet. If you can have a professional carpet installation company do the job, you will be much better off both immediately and in the long run.

The first thing that must be done before putting carpeting on the stairs is to take up all the old padding, staples, carpeting, tack strips, and nails from the steps. You will need a claw hammer to do the job. It is very easy to get cut on the tack strips, so you will have to be careful Executive presence and be sure to wear sturdy gloves. A carpet installation company will do this job for you if you hire the work to be done.

If you have removed all the debris from the steps and they are still not smooth, you will have to take stronger measures. You might need to put down executive presence coaching a thin layer of plywood so you will have a smooth surface to lay the carpet on. Be sure the plywood is thin, and well-fastened to the steps.

Next, you will need to put on the tackless strips. These are strips made of a wooden material; with pins sticking out of them for the carpet to attach to as you install it. The strips must be glued to the floor rather than nailed the way old-fashioned tack strips are done. You should always face the pins in such sophiazimmermann a way so that they will catch the carpet and hold it in place.

Put one tackless strip on the floor at paoc-africa the bottom of the stairs. This is where the carpet strip will begin to be laid. Then, put a strip at the back of each step all the way to the top and add one last strip three inches past the steps onto the landing or upper floor. The carpet installation company knows exactly how to put down these strips so that they will hold the weight of the carpet as it is stretched into place.

Start the bottom of the carpet by attaching it to the lowest tackless strip at the bottom of the stairs. As you bring the carpet up to be placed on the step above, you will need to use a coinmarketalert knee kicker tool to stretch it into place.

Using a knee kicker on steps can be a bit tricky if you have never done it on stairs before, especially if it is the first carpeting job you have done. However, it is important because poorly stretched carpeting on stairs is a major tripping hazard. A carpet installation company has experts retroconsolas who know exactly how to stretch the carpet to the right tightness, going up each step.

As you finish, the top of the carpet shitcoinx must be cut in to match the staircase landing. If trim needs to be applied, you must cut the carpet evenly, affix a piece of trim to it, and nail the trim in place. If the carpet meets other carpet, the process is even more delicate, and the cut at the top of the stairs must be very precise. A carpet installation company can do this job for you without worry, and in a much shorter time.


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