7 Things to Do to Avoid Procrastination

Today, I am going to empower you with seven magical points on how to say no to procrastination;

1. Organize and Prioritize.

Our lives are cluttered and filled with every human activity or engagement that your mind possibly leads you to do. However, without factoring in order and importance many end up in a state of paralysis and procrastination. The result is inaction, 7mgg which leads to zero outcome.

Since school, the importance of preparing a to- do- List has always been emphasized. A To-do-List enables you write down all the activities you intend to do for the day.

It allows you to prioritize and begin with activities that are most important to you; and how would one know a particular activity is the most important? Probably, optimal the most important activity is one that gives you most happiness and satisfies your values and need. One can apply the A, B, C technique when it comes to prioritizing.

Such that, the most important activities are categorized under group A, activities that do not need urgency can be categorized under group B and finally the least important of activities can be placed under group C. aslremodeling

These categories could be further subdivided such that we have A1, A2; B1, B2 and C1, C2. Of course this is not for the lazy, you are here because you are a champion.

2. Press past the Discomfort.

In most cases, the least important of activities in our lives always take the lead. On arriving home from an office job, one would rather watch The Designated Survivor Series than complete writing a business plan.

A young man would rather go out and hang out with his friends or play computer games rather than learn a new skill or read self-help and personal development books.

Actually, to every single one of us, life is usually filled with choices and options that ultimately determine our destiny. The moment you realize there is no glory without sacrifice that is the point where you enjoy being uncomfortable by simply engaging in those activities that are highly prioritized and are going to add value to your life. inpix

3. Set Clear Deadlines.

Any time people make pledges or a promise to give money or service delivery; they accompany the pledge with a given dateline. Self-help groups always have rules and one of the rules is to always give out one’s dues on time.

Deadlines enable us work hard to beat them. Interestingly, bocoranadminriki one would rather work hard to deliver on the deadline of their job but have no deadline of their own. Without deadlines in our individual lives, we will lack the will and the commitment to engage in one particular task to its completion.

Maurice, a father of two and a mechanic has always been contemplating about opening a garage of his own.Unfortunately that is where it stops. He has never gone ahead to put his plans on paper and work within a given period to achieve this particular goal. Result is procrastination and a receding hairline. More sites visit here:-https://www.splitacdubai.com/ https://kjro.fr/ florbiz.com https://optoki.com/ https://www.coingraph.news 

4. Cut Out the Distractions.

Before going to bed, the previous night, Josephine had purposed to go on a morning run at 5 am the following day. Early in the morning, she wakes up to the alarm sound she had set for 5.am. She slowly crawls out of her blankets and puts one foot on the floor then another. She then drags herself to her wardrobe and puts on her running attire and running shoes but guess what four email notifications pop up on her phone. To cut the story short, there was no morning run.

In some churches, strict pastors have broken apart smart phones of non-attentive believers who have been distracted from listening to the sermon by their smart phones.

How many times do we get distracted by TV, iPhones, our own thoughts and even the sweet small talk within our reach; and we sacrifice our most important activities at the altar of the less important. The more we pay attention to the distractions the more we build ground for procrastination and completing important tasks late.

5. Take Baby Steps.

One is never to busy to pee when it comes calling. A mega project in your life could be demanding your one-hour attention. Maybe the website you are trying to build. Well, you might not build it in one day but you can take small action steps that will actualize your dream. Ever since I was a kid, I was made to understand that Rome was not built in a day. Certainly, there is no point, in cancelling or postponing a mega project in your life on the assumption that there is no time.

Time is money, it is of value and essence and we can manage it well if we want to. Take an example of this person by the name John, who wants to do onion farming. He is aware that onion takes 5 months from seeds to a mature onion bulb. Therefore, instead of throwing the idea under the bridge because of the 5 months, it will take him to make returns; John prefers to take small action steps that will one day give him the capacity to run his own commercial farm. He embarks on seedbed preparation on day 1, planting of seeds and covering bed with shed on day 3, Routine management practices 2 weeks later. His friends saw this as tedious, tiresome and would always tell him to look for a white-collar job in the city. John would never listen to their persuasion. Four months down the line, John was looking forward to reap a bumper harvest of onions.

You had better crawl baby!

6. Avoid Indecision.

Every day in our lives, we are confronted with multiple choices that we must make the right decision upon. Should you take the route towards the railway or go via the bypass. Are you going by public means or taxi?

Unfortunately, when confronted with major life decisions, many are mentally unprepared to decide. On the contrary, one would rather make a wrong decision than make no decision at all.

Napoleon Hill, in his best seller, Think and Grow Rich lists indecision as one of the major causes of failure in life. He argues that successful people arrive at decisions very fast and change them very slowly; the opposite is true with the average individuals.

Indecision leads to procrastination since not able to decide on anything means postponing whatever you were meant to do into the infinite future.

Falling on wrong decisions is the way to go for you will later stand up with the right decisions.

7. Love What You Must Do.

Bill Gates, the worlds richest according to Forbes dropped out of Harvard to pursue his tech. dream of Microsoft. The rest as we know is history.

Prior to his drop out, Bill Gates once narrated how he used to be a lousy student who did last minute assignments when the deadline was just around the corner. However, he learnt the hard way that things could not work that way in business.

To be able to beat procrastination and it’s power over you, understand that it is important to love what you must do.

Early mornings, always present us with an opportunity for prayer, meditation, devotions or something positive. However, some would rather wake up with the news bulletin.

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