ADHD Treatment for Children: Proven And Safe Treatments Are Available

Just as no two children are just alike, no one ADHD treatment for children is going to work for every child. Part of the reason is that there are different types of ADHD as well as the fact there is a biological component and a behavioral component. Research studies have shown that a combination of medication, adhd Milwaukee social skills training, and behavioral therapy have the best results for reducing the affect ADHD has on children.

The starting point for effective treatment of ADHD is an accurate diagnosis. This is extremely important if pharmaceuticals are being used to treat symptoms.

The Diagnosis: The Starting Point for ADHD Treatment for Children

It is common for parents and teachers to see a child who is fidgety, having problems focusing on their schoolwork, and unable to finish tasks as having ADHD. While these are some of the symptoms of ADHD, they can also indicate depression, anxiety, or other disorders or illnesses.

In fact, sometimes these symptoms can be related to an ear infection. Before exploring ADHD treatment for child with behaviors that appear to be ADHD, it is essential to get both a physical evaluation and a psychological evaluation. The physical evaluation will rule out the possibility of a physical aliment causing the behavior issues, while the psychological evaluation will identify any cognitive or emotional disorders.

ADHD Treatment for Child: Medication and Natural Options

The most common medications used the treatment of ADHD are the psycho-stimulants, such as Adderall, Concerta, and Ritalin. The only non-stimulant prescription approved for use as an ADHD treatment for child is Strattera. It is important to note these medications do not cure ADHD, just lessen the severity of the symptoms. Government studies have shown that these medications have significant side effects, such as weight loss, stunted growth, and sleep disturbances.

Many parents often opt out of the traditional medications for ADHD and choose to try natural options, such as vitamins and supplements. Studies have shown that zinc supplements are helpful in reducing some ADHD symptoms.

Research has demonstrated that the combination of evening primrose and fish oils is effective in reducing ADHD symptoms in children and adolescents. There are other natural remedies that show promise without the negative side effects of powerful psychotropic medication.

Behavioral and Social Interventions

While medication or natural remedies provide the foundation for ADHD treatment, behavioral and social interventions are necessary to help the child learn skills such as impulse control, file transfer free organization, and maintaining focus. Additionally, a therapist can also work with teachers to develop strategies and interventions to help to child cope and adapt to ADHD symptoms.

As with any other type of disorder, early intervention and treatment is essential to minimize the long-term effects of ADHD. However, it is vital to have that proper diagnosis from which treatment will follow.


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