Windmills – What Are the Negatives of Using Wind to Power Your Home?

Wind power currently supplies about 0.5 percent of the worlds power supply and the number is rising. Windmills can be a cheap and efficient way to generate power for your home depending on where you live but not many authors write about the downsides that can be associated batterystoragehome with using a windmill on your property. This is just a brief overview of the possible negatives that you might discover using a windmill to generate electricity.


  • The noise. Most people don’t associate windmills with noise but if you’ve ever lived close to a windmill farm the constant “whoosh, whoosh” as the blades spin can be annoying. Just one or two windmills on your property won’t make too much noise, especially if they are built using a noise damper, but any more than that and you might want to reconsider.
  • Where does the power a windmill generates go? If you don’t immediately use all the electricity the windmill generates it has to go somewhere. There are two options of what to do with excess power that is generated: either you have to have a large battery storage area or your windmill needs to be connected to the local power grid.
  • The costs of connecting your windmill to the local power grid can be quite high depending on where the local power lines are on your property. The power company has e commerce app to do this for you and will charge you for it.
  • Wind is not a constant power source. It fluctuates randomly. A windmill has to be pared with another energy source for a smooth power output.


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