Why Your Hair Dryer Might Be the Real Reason Your Hair Looks Awful!

Let’s face it ladies, our hair is serious business and when we are having a bad hair day nothing else seems to matter. If our hair looks great and we know it, we feel great. But if our hair is not behaving the way we want, it can bring us down, or worse, make us stay home instead of going out like we planned. This is especially true if the occasion is a very special one like homecoming or prom.

We spend thousands of dollars for hair care products and still there are days when our hair is still a mess. Why is that? We take care to eat well, treat our tresses gently, and even deep condition once a week, yet our hair is still limp, dull and lacks body.I have news for you: it just might be that your blow dryer is destroying your hair!

I know it was for me, and that’s why I invested in a professional hair dryer for the first time in my life, when I turned 25!

Your enemy and your friend

Heat is one of the worst things we can apply to our hair, 613 wig yet, it seems unavoidable if we want to style our hair using a blow dryer. So what’s a girl to do? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: you need a dryer that will dry your hair in less time AND protect it from heat damage. That means you need a better type of heat not more heat.

The professionals have known this all along, but now you too can get access to professional results. You just need to use the same tools as the professionals.

The absolute best dryers on the market today are those that list ceramic and tourmaline as features AND have several heat settings: Here’s why.

In order to style your hair and protect it at the same time, you simply must have gentle but fast drying on the outside of the hair shaft, while at the same time, assure that moisture is sealed on the inside:

How to Have the Best of Both Worlds

A dryer that uses tourmaline actually smashes up the water molecules into extremely tiny droplets which allows the hair to dry 60% faster than a regular dryer without damaging the hair. Tourmaline also breaks up the globules of your conditioner, allowing it to absorb deeply into the hair shaft. This is where you want the moisture in the first place.

Now the reason we want ceramic as one of the features of our new hairdryer is simple to explain: have you ever leaned up against a concrete wall that was bathed in sunshine? The entire wall reflected warmth onto your body, didn’t it? Well, rather than blasting and burning the hair directly from sizzling coils, a ceramic blow dryer absorbs the heat evenly and so when you turn on the fan of your dryer it distributes the heat evenly and gently to each hair on your head! Now let me ask you this. Which type of hair is easier to style: hair that is shredded or hair that is sleek and shiny?

How the settings can make or break your hair

One of the reasons why I chose the professional hair dryer is because of its incredibly powerful fan of (2300 Watts!) since air flow is a big factor in drying the hair without the damage.

But did you know you also need a cool setting on your dryer to lock in the moisture and close the outer layer of the hair shaft.

Without this, the hair becomes dry, brittle and lifeless. And who needs that?

The cool switch on the better-made dryers actually have a switch that stays on as long as you want, where-as other dryers I have tried, force you to hold the switch down to keep it on. This is surely because the professionals know that you need much more cool than just a quick burst.

My new dryer has a warm, cool and high setting. But now that I know better, I use the warm setting or cool setting most of the time, using only the high setting at the very beginning of my blowout. As a plus, it is really easy to switch back and forth from the warm to the cool, as the switch is right where your thumb is on the handle. The professionals needed to be able to do this hundreds of times a day, and now you too can get the benefit of a sleek and usable design, without causing thumb fatigue.


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